Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman The Secret Service poster.jpg
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This film has been adapted from the comic book, The Secret Service, which covers a story about a super-spy hiring his nephew to the secret service, despite how young the boy is. The story revolves around ‘Eggsy’, the codename for the boy, but in the film he doesn’t join the organisation, but merely acts as a tag-along to the protagonist, ‘Galahad’.  The film is comedic in nature and even has cartoon violence-specs translating into a clever plot.

There is a fusion of tongue-in-cheek comedy, and serious humour but the film never loses its appeal as an entertainer that has potential to be remembered very well, over time. The endurance lies predominantly in how the film looks: the characters bounce from adventurous to dapper, in one well-cut fashion avatar after another. Harry Galahad (Colin Firth) is the supervisor of nine recruits at a boot camp, where the young recruits are undergoing intensive training. On the other spectrum of the storyline, a techy billionaire giant (Samuel L. Jackson) is planning to micromanage the population, with the aid of a rage-inducing mindcontrol app on everyone’s phone.

The appeal of the villain, and the ‘sharp and most beautiful of all’ henchwoman for Harry, is hard to find, but the sentiments on sex-jokes is not lost, even when planted near the end of the film-reel. The most interesting parts in the films, aside from the enchanting characters are the topics it deals with, such as climate change, how technology can also be used to control lives, in a really, really bad way, and the class-divide prevailing in our society. But enough with the ‘nearing doomsday’ message – we get it loud and clear!

Rating: 7/10.


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