Maps to the Stars

Maps to the Stars poster.jpg
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This film is about the dark side of Hollywood: a young, burn-scarred girl lands in Los Angeles, with the ambition of meeting celebrities and gets eschewed in the process. There is a lot of scepticism surrounding this subject because no one here warms to Hollywood being taken down, one page at a time, in a grand fashion, and making it look like it has wide-mass appeal. There are digs at robotic-business freaks, residing in LA, and pointed blame game about the relevance of Sunset Boulevard, in the world.

And it doesn’t just stop there: there is a lot more negative coverage on our films from how we never forget our history in films, how our family hierarchies is a spool of dangerous games, why we are addicted to self-help books, rather than act co-dependent, and why there is so much extravagant ‘jumping around’ with huge successes. The film is so frustrating it becomes funny. There are jokes about the helplessness of a faded star trying to resurrect her character, her life and her whole profession, with one brilliant casting net magic.

If you are losing yourself in the plot of the movie, hold on until the loose pieces all come together to reveal to you the message you have been holding onto all this time for: a vile truth, that poses as an undercurrent antidote to Hollywood films. On the surface the movie seems exciting, but when you enter the theatre you wait for the laughs to come sooner but just keep getting frustrated and I’m afraid this dish has been thoroughly overdone!

Film rating: 4/10.


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