Jupiter Ascending

'Jupiter Ascending' Theatrical Poster.jpg
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As a Chicago-based cleaner, Jupiter Jones gets sudden recognition as a past alien, who was murdered, and shocker: use to own Earth. Because of this, she gets support from Caine Wise, a human/wolf warrior, who protects her from both assassins and heirs of the Abrasax Dynasty, that aim to turn her life upside down.

This film is replete with content home to sci-fi magazines circa 1935 but it has all been done before, albeit not as glossy, for sure. Jupiter is pulled from an obscure Earth and far off into planets that run like Arabian Nights, as she goes through one wardrobe change after another. The antagonists are certainly mixed up with androgyny but that is not what completes the film – it is the heartwarming rags to riches story of a sci-fi princess who is hopeless at protecting herself in her new surroundings, but manages to muddle through with the help of Caine.

There is a love story thrown in for the two there too but that isn’t too amusing, even though slightly teen hearthrob-esque because of Channing Tatum’s good looks and Mila Kunis’ waif characteristics. There needs to be a little more imagination thrown in, can you not see it? The old story gets really old, but sometimes its good to stick to tradition, before it all fades out into nothingness.

Film rating: 6/10.


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