The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Second Best poster.jpg
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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is back with a sequel, to pull you back into the world of colour, gleaning pleasures, and flowers…lots, and lots of flowers! The predominantly British cast sans Richard Gere are busy chattering like monkeys in hot and humid India, amongst many natives who have taken a liking to the foreign visitors.

Over drinks, and numerous variations of chaat, the gang all enjoy themselves amidst dramatic mountainous terrains. They seem to adore the scenery, a concept lost on me entirely, but these folks are in a world of their own. One of the starriest casts to have ever made magic on screen, from Maggie Smith to Judi Dench, all come back for the sequel, but dressed far more finely than before. Yes, everybody everywhere, in their own capacity is being trendy and contributing to the fashion movement.

The very overpopulated sequel is really about a bunch of Britons, who have been hired to spend their retirement years in a broken-down hotel in Jaipur, but the guests who come to stay at it don’t understand it until they reach here because the advertisements are grossly incorrect. The film is really about a young man, the owner of the hotel interested in opening up a second hostel closeby to it but unable to find any financial luck in the process.

Trouble brews when he mistakes an American novelist, who has come to tour India, as a hotel inspector and smothers him with unwanted attention. There is a more mature aspect to love here for one particular couple, but the slapstick comedy is always present. There is a wedding sequence, atypical of customs considered tradition in India, but at least the movie is inviting enough to its party atmosphere, with all of the crazy antics of the vibrant characters.

Film rating: 6/10.


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