The Fantastical Universe of Tomorrowland: A World Beyond

George Clooney makes a stunning return to the silverscreens, in a sci-fi film, that is as mysterious as its poster, playing a terrible inventor, terrible at practically everything, he does. The spaces in the film, Tomorrowland: A World Beyond, covers a town in a time far off from today’s, and the wizardry is special, in the sense, that you cannot locate the town, unless you are particularly gifted, and so very few are. 

Walt Disney gains a reference in the film for having the mechanical controls of the tiny little mysterious land and all of the magic that unfolds here, each and every day. He is a titanic futurist, in love with space travel, rocketry, futuristic cities, and space travel. We have navigated far-and-wide but we still cannot fathom what could transpire in this little town, aside from maybe science-magic: isn’t that just divinely suspenseful?


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