The Weinsteins have just released the film trailer for their latest film: No Escape. Starring Owen Wilson, Pierce Brosnan in the leads, this film is about a family holiday in Thailand, where an American family seems perplexed with the new kind of life, greeting them. We all have so much, so many important things to be concerned about in Thailand, it’s so good to finally see Hollywood care & that is just what is so amazing! If you tapped into early rumours, thinking the film was to be shot entirely in Cambodia, and not in some ancient prehistoric heritage site, or something, then you would be wrong and so very disappointed, even though Cambodia is such a perfectly lovely space: shoo! But I hope it is not one of those films Hollywood absolutely despises, you know those don’t you? The ones that only solely exists to villify island escapes: “Oooh! Nothing quite like a good shouting match to let your frustration ring out from innocent beautiful plateaus!” Just kidding! Get with the sarcasm and the intelligence already, even if it is so very hard to do so!


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