Shantaram’s Sequel

The much-anticipated sequel to Shantaram, a book about an Australian’s imprisonment in late ‘70s India, after being convicted of armed robberies of numerous shops, building society branches and credit unions, is set to launch after a lot of delay, titled as the The Mountain Shadow. Gregory Roberts, the author of the book, is that Australian, who eventually escaped prison, two years later, and became one of the most wanted men in India, for ten years. Lindsay, the name adopted by Roberts’, is on a visit to Mumbai, and is named Shantaram by a friend’s mother.

He and his guide-friend get robbed, which forces Lindsay to live in slums, which protects him from authorities, on the lookout for him because he has travelled to India on a fake passport. The novel is about the ethnic build-up of loud and busy modern India, where foreigners roam around freely, in a cramped, quarterly environment, with friendly and amusing locals.

After stints at numerous jobs, Lindsay lands in Mumbai prison due to his work for the Mumbai mafia. Post 10 years of hard work, and slated for a release later this year, the author has composed a new piece, that takes place after the first novel ended. This one is about his visit to Sri Lanka, but before he can get there he must meet a new Mumbai, that grew whilst he was in prison. This novel unfolds as a journey of redemption, and philosophical growth as Lindsay’s life gets even more dangerous, as a man on the run.


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