…Of Revolution and Marshlands

The Colour of the Revolution is Red

Ever since the French Revolution in 1791, the Red Flag has been associated with a political revolt. An episode in Paris at the time, saw the red flag being raised to warn protesters, and as it flew gloriously, the National Guard would charge at the crowd.

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So many people would lose their lives that way, so post-this violence, Republicans would wade a red flag to represent the “martyrs’ blood”, to provoke a reaction, and when this stopped, socialist politics during the 1871 Paris Commune, began making use of red, in deep earnest. This was a time when the city made use of a workers’ government, as the uprising was stamped out, making it one of the most brave episodes in history.

Venice on Marshlands

The marsh islands were the first places where the founders of Venice would lay the foundation stones of the city. A fisherman’s shack, a stone cathedral were all constructed on spongy, waterlogged Earth, almost Atlantis-like. But they were not immune from Venice falling prey to rising tides, even though they had initially thought that it would have been so because they had worked so hard, for such a long time, to create that land.

Wooden foundation pilings only came to life, when they slowly learned to create a better wooden architecture, after numerous failed attempts at hitting gold, with bedrock, to help build ports of islands. It also later became an island for the founders to hide: marshlands!

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