Adventures in Free America: RMS Titanic

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RMS Titanic was one of the greatest ships that entered service from British docks. However, like many great sailing stories, such as the Tek Sing, which sank into sea, with most of its crew onboard and porcelain goods, the Royal Mail Ship Titanic hit an unfortunate end, when it collided with an iceberg. The ship was heading towards America as tragedy struck so only a portion of the passengers on the ship managed to survive the maritime disaster episode.

The astounding amount of the amazing wealth onboard, aimed to celebrate White Star Line’s ambition in building three gigantic vessels, with the other two being the HMS Britannic and the RMS Olympic. The ship was borne out of a discussion between J.P. Morgan and Ismay (off White Star Line) somewhere around the middle seasons on 1907 and it was really nothing more than progressing at a greater speed than was customary, with the designs of ships.

Adventures in Free America !


The ship was designed with numerous decks, such as the Promenade Deck (A Deck), meant to be accessed only by first class passengers and included facilities of the sorts, like private reading and rooms established solely for writing. RMS Titanic left from Southampton for New York City, after being built in Belfast and registered in the Liverpool docks, with a lot of hope and ambition, like any other British naval pursuit.

The people onboard the ship came from across Europe, several were immigrants to America, and some of the passengers, be it American or European, even boasted wealth. Wealth and affluence found itself comfortably on the Titanic but in the end the number of affluent passengers were overshadowed by the sheer force of number of passengers from the other two classes.

The Costumes!


That was surprising to find, as was the knowledge that most of the naval staff did not posses the skill or the ability to navigate their duties, owing to a lack of training. As a result, of lack of training, even for an appropriate distress signal (S.O.S.) being sent out to alert authorities on the coast, to come and save the passengers, so many lost their lives during the sinking, not to mention drown one of the greatest naval marvels in the pages of British history, right underneath into the Antarctic Ocean.

People in positions of political power to do things, to influence British society could have been of a better assistance to rescue RMS Titanic, had the ship’s crew learnt to be a little bit more accommodating, when it came to knowing their responsibilities, and knowing it rather well. The three classes roamed around in the ship, pertaining to the instructions set out, that reasonably limited their movement of where they could be, who they could see and what part of the ship they could enjoy.

Most of the passengers were seen to have a ball of a time, which is what made the sinking all the more tragic in the end, because all of it had to come to such a sad ending – the numerous episodes of public discussions and endless episodes of really interesting and fascinating society meetings! How they lived, what they ate, and what they wore, back in 1912, can though, all fade in comparison, to public interest, when it comes to the notion of how the ship looked like.

Titanic was decorated rather differently from other passenger liners of the time and the ones that were to come before it, such as the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.

Mail On Titanic!


Normally, manor houses from the rich English countryside fascinated the imagination of Great Britain so much, they took to painting their maiden ships no different from their homes.

Titanic was decorated instead, in the style of contemporary hotels of the time, that lived in luxury, such as The Ritz off Piccadilly. The rooms were all furnished in the Empire style, from the archives of Romanticism. The most interesting part of the design were the luxury bathing facilities meant especially for the privileged, which added to the tone of diversity of including squash courts, for lovers of the sport, nicely.

Because the ship was an RMS passenger line, some of the crew would really be busy sorting through the enormous amount of mail it received that were addressed to the wealthy passengers. This couldn’t have been possible, without the help of Royal Mail, but that was to be expected because aside from rarely being free from pursuing leisurely pursuits on the deck, catching up with work, serious reading and maintaining your social diary, with a fearful ambitious rigidity aside, there was not much to busy yourself with. The very amusing news, that perhaps gravitated a little bit too much towards the intellectual than for most, was always brilliant to learn of, from the coast!

The Three Classes !



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