No Stranger Than Love 

There is the offbeat romantic comedy. And then there is this: a film about a young goofy boy stuck in a black hole, he ended up in, right before he was to make love to the woman he loves. Then there is the excruciatingly painful reel time spent in the hole with the boy and his imagination, as his girlfriend begins a journey of adultery in the outside world. Lucy is a schoolteacher, who has an extramarital affair with her colleague. 

As they are about to consummate the relationship sexually, a three-foot wide hole opens up right beneath his feet, and he is pulled into a extra-dimensional abyss. Clint, can only be heard throughout the remaining of the film, because there is absolute darkness everywhere. There is no drama, a lot of pretentious attitude, and a female protagonist, who seems too old to pull the “I’m so cute!” string, any longer. Lucy lives in a town, where every man fancies her, be it the town drunk or the principal of the school she works in. Lucy tries to find a long enough rope to pull him out of the hole but meanwhile, Rydell comes to town, who she feels attracted to, and Rydell, doesn’t exactly say no to this hot atmosphere, either. 

There is nothing in the script, aside from the hole that Clint has ended up in, and his occasional musings whist he is there, which are not very entertaining. One time he proceeds to ask the rest to share their thoughts over the hole, and the responses are philosophical ramblings of how this is a microscopic look into our hugely ignorant ways, and holding thrilling and touching point of views on the same people’s physical limitations and weaknesses. Fascinating!

Rating: 1/10.


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