Getting On Top…But What Is Your Guy Imagining?

The “getting on top” move is so controversial to so many men. Most women like to do it because it is the only sex move that can reap benefits of having sex in the first place, but it is so far from a traditional sex move, you would think if it was worth it is: it is! 

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Trust us, dude there are MUCH worse sex ideas…like, thinking of Ryan Gosling in bed, when you are on your boyfriend. Here’s just a small sliver of thoughts that run through YOUR guy’s mind when you are on top of him. See, if you can really handle any of it*wink:

  1. Can you get on top already, please? I can’t keep doing it by myself any longer –  I think I just pulled a muscle. This is going to go down so well in the office washroom tomorrow.
  2. Don’t slam down on me. Please. You have all the control here, remember that!
  3. We need to work out our sexual rhythm first, to see if how we can get magical.
  4. You look damn hot from this view.
  5. Can you go faster, please? I do not have the patience to wait any longer.
  6. Don’t act coy in bed, when you are on top of me. It is such a moodkiller!!
  7. Should I only lie down, or is there more I can do?
  8. One of the hottest moves is when your hands are on my chest for support…but not so hard, I forget to breathe, like I usually do.
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