People You Should Never Trust…

When you are conversing with a newbie, if you can spot any of this shady behaviour, then bolt, before you feel trapped in a dead-end social gossip route:

  • This guy does not understand what is “Nando’s”. Are you kidding me? Where are you from?
  • A hairdresser who knows just what is right for you. They never do. Read up before getting an appointment, so that you know exactly how your hair is supposed to look like, after your regular Toni&Guy visit is wrapped up.
  • People who have never watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. = Are you serious? What else is funnier than that…your aunt cheating with her neighbour?
  • Kids that do not like cheese. WHY? Total freak! How do have you pizza even to begin with?
  • People who think Zara doesn’t carry a good range. Utter nonsense. The Spanish high street brand carries absolutely everything, even homewares.
  • Ppl who txtspk whlday. How hard is it to string a few words together? It really will make you look less of an idiot.
  • People who don’t use emojis.
  • Any that doesn’t consider animals to be cute.
  • People who can resist chocolates.
  • Kids that don’t like the idea of breakfast. Seriously? This much hatred for muffins and omelettes?

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