Impressionable Relics

Inventions come and go but these few have survived through it all. See if you can find yourself falling in love, with them all over again:

The World’s Trade Fair

Once upon a time this fair was really popular, and attendance numbers increased in tenfolds: it was about a third of the American population. During the 1889 episode, France built the famous Eiffel Tower, which America responded to by coming up with electric lighting and the Ferris Wheel. Plenty of inventions made their debut to the general public at these trade fairs, such as ice-cream cones, dishwashers, the Ford Mustang, and the Space Needle. Watch out for the next one in Milan, Italy from 1 May to October 31, and is expected to draw in 29 million visitors.

The Star Wars Set

Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine is still there in the Sahara Desert. The sets built in Tunisia for the film project: the Phantom Menace (1999) reused some of the set parts that were utilised during the 1976 shoot. Hoever, a large sand dune, travelling at a rate of 4cm per day, is moving as if it might swallow it in while, with the next few years.


Pagers used to be the invention that came before mobile phones – a nifty, little device that you can use to communicate with people, simply and fast. Then everyone started to own a mobile phone, so the only people left holding them were doctors, Mobile phones are often advised to keep far away from sensitive medical equipment, hence the alternative route to communication. Fire brigades, still use pagers these days, because mobile phone systems can breakdown because of overload and recptor towers experiencing black spots.


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