Why You Should Eat More Fish?

Eating protein, such as that found in fishes, particularly seafood, can prevent you from getting a stroke. The Nanjing University School of Medicine in China conducted a survey analysis that found this research to be true.

It was published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, and consisted of seven seperate studies amounting to a little over 250,000 people. A stroke can be caused by numerous factors, like smoking and high cholestrol.

The study found that eating some 20 additional grams of protein every day lowered the tisk of stroke by 26percent. In general, the participants with the highest protein intake were 20percent less likely to have a stroke, than people with the lowest amount of protein in thier diets.

When you get this protein from seafood, it helps your body much more, than the protein you got from red meat or grains Protein and fatty acids in fish help to lower your blood pressure, and this can help to protect against a stroke.


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