Denmark: By Bike

In Denmark, the churches are tidy, and the neighbourhoods are clutter-free. The pews come with doors, the graves are stationed in a well-clipped hedge, and there is a ship that dangles in one of the roads, where the masts are enshrined with rigging, then the white sails are smothered, and we imagine that it must be crossing an ocean. These ships are actually models, not the real thing, and they have a presence here because of ancient Dane belief that they can ward off all kinds of evils, disaster on waters, and a place that Denmark carried out it’s imperial business.

You can travel the country, very much by bike: the lands are flat, and easy to travel on. The Danes name and colour-code the signposted lanes: red for national, blue for regional, and brown for nature-playground routes. You can trek the country comfortably by bike, going all the way to the top of Denmark. Just north of the capital, Copenhagen has castles and notable places, such as the Karen Blixen Museum, the writer’s former home.

The entire peninsula is built of an endless pasture, lakes that gleam, constantly tidal seas, dark woodlands, and long skies. The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek art museum, has walls lined, with a striking canvas from the Danish Golden Age from Lundbye, Kobke, Skovgaard and Rorbye. When you head towards the sleepy village of Snekkersten, we meet a sand-rimmed shoreline, whose warm waters, constantly bounce off rickety piers.

Then you have Fredensborg circa 1720s because of a peace treaty with Sweden. It boasts baroque gardens, flowing into woodlands, and to the shore of Esrum So. There is a white castle here that is home to the monarchs of today’s times, for separate seasons, be it spring or autumn. Queen Margrethe II and her French consort eat dinner at the place, with their feet put up by the fire and host state banquets. The castle used to originally be the summer banquet site for more than half of Europe’s royalty, so just imagine the coterie that would roam these illustrious halls.


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