The Hottest Ways To Go Veg

This month parsnips are trending. You can get them everywhere in the cold weather: overwintered parsnips. They fall on the ground during fall and winter, and as a result are harvested when the ground begins to thaw this month.

The flavour is much sweeter than the parsnips that are harvested in the fall, have a pretty big woody core, that should be cut away before making a meal out of the parsnips. How to spot them, though? It’s simple. They are quite dirty, firm and on the ground. They are sold at grocers, without the top – after purchasing a handful, keep the vegetables in a root cellar, or as loose, to make them crisper and last for a few weeks.

Fava beans are also really ripe and fresh during spring. Crunchy and green, they are great in salads, soups and mashed. When purchasing fava beans, take a look at the pods, that are neither huge or look like it might have too much bulge, because otherwise they will taste mealy or bitter. Root the beans out of the pod, blanch, shock and take out the waxy outer layer (it’s inedible!). Cook them or keep them in an unsealed bad in the fridge to make them last a week or two.

Mustard greens always pop up first during spring. Spicy, hot and pungent tasting – mustard greens are absolutely delicious with salads, stir-fries and soups. When purchasing them keep an eye on the pert, and look for healthy leaves. If you want the flavour to be strong, then get mustard greens with large leaves. You can store them wrapped in a damp kitchen towel in the fridge.

Before cooking, wash well to avoid speedier quilting, and keep the dish you just prepared with your mustard greens in a damp kitchen towel in the fridge, to make them last around a week. Right before cooking, wash the greens because otherwise the greens will wilt right then.


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