Cinderella An Art Deco Love Story

This is Cinderella reinvented: the fairy Godmother is fashion-conscious, Cinderella lives in a time when flapper girls prance around from one affluent party to another. The rags-to-riches story moves to Charleston, as you see Cinderella’s father unwisely, blindely marry a heartless wife, and have the household inherit her argumentative daughters, and a very nastly dog. Their primary aim in life is to make life miserable for the young lady, but all this comes to an end unexpectedly when she meets Prince Charming. The illustrations are from David Roberts, and Lynn Roberts adapts the story into the art deco period of history.

Knight Time

This special collector’s bedtime book is compact with knights, dragons, and how two groups get over the injustices placed against them, agianst all odds to become friends! The little knights and dragons dream of battles every night after their daddies have tucked them into bed, but one night a shocking dicovery changes everything.

You Wouldn’t Want to be in the Trenches in World War One

During August 1914, life is hard. You only eat bully beef, bread, biscuits, share your bed with rats, and spend most of your time in trenches. That is what Tommy Atkins, who is only 16 years of age, does, day-in, day-out, and hates every minute of it. Learn how to make pigeon your spies, and enemey tunneling deep down beneath your trench as patriotism compels you to defend your country through some of the harshest conditions you will ever witness.

The Christmas Truce

In a cold, winter night in 1914, amindst heavy fighting and gruesome trenches and hard battlefields, silence suddenly breaks out, for it is Christmas time. There is belief in the air, and the soldiers have ceased fire, instead exchanging presents and playing football in No Man’s Land.

The Lemurs Tale

This is the tale of a ring-tailed lemur who was a stowaway on a boat from Madagascar, but ends up in the home of a dysfunctional family. He confuses everyone with his nibbling on the family plants, and raiding the larder. However, they find a lot of joy when they see him curl up inside of a teapot, providing enless hours of fun, hope and happiness to a little girl.

Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey

Lady Catherine is an American girl, who becomes the chatelaine of Highclere Castle. She catches the eye of Lord Porchester, when she was only 20 years of age, and dressed in a pale yellow dress at a ball. After turning down 14 marriage proposals she eventually marries “Porchey”. However, in less than a year Porchey’s father passes away, making him the 6th Earl of Carnarvon. He inherits a title and a castle, and the young Lady finds herself incharge of a small numer of household staff, and also a hostess of lavish banquets and weekend house parties.

The couple were initially in love, according to some sources, and simply partied like there was no tomorrow during the Roaring 20s on the British side of things, according to some others, but then Catherine loses Porchey to London’s social life and an abundance of excuses to waste time. Despite the challenges they endured together, such as saving the castle from household debt, and the passing away of Catherine’s brother, his womanizing ways led to their divorce. Catherine remarries later, but she loses her second husband in war, with her aristocratic legacy in Great Britain forever embroiled underneath the shadow of the next big scandal in town: the crown prince running away and abandoning his throne, for a divorced, American socialite, he was madly in love with, Wallis Simpson.


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