The Lowdown on Car Rentals

When on a budget, it is hard to afford the money that is required to rent a car. But if you are wise enough, you might just find a way to work this through:

Improvise with Size

Book the cheapest car. This is not a time to ogle the limousine you wish you could luxuriously travel in. It will probably be small, but these cars are not always readily-available for you, so make it quick. Sometimes the rental agency might even offer you a free upgrade, if you are lucky enough, so during hard times it’s best to think thoughts that help you land firmly on the ground, without any trouble whatsover.

Airport Rental?

Try to avoid collecting your rental car at the airport if possible, because you will have to pay a premium if you do.

Improvise with Size

A lot of people take out rental car insurance, when renting a car. But beware of double payment: it is likely that your credit card’s own insurance will safely cover you. Ring the toll-free number on the back of your credit card, as soon as you can – preferably, right before you attempt to learn more on your coverage.

If you haven’t gone through buying another medium of insurance already, then print out your credit card’s insurance coverage and bring it with you to the agency. You must check first if your credit card does supply you with such facilities, though, because it varies for premium card holders and even for the type of car you are renting, such as luxury vehicles or campervans.

Check the Time!

A majority of the car rental companies utilize a 24-hour-clock rate when charging you. If you can learn more on its billing policy – if the day for them ends at midnight or is an entire 24 hours, that can help you plan effectively ahead. A few companies even charge you an hourly rate for the first three to four hours late, while others might give you some cooling-time of 90 minutes.



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