Go Stress-free!

How to lift the pressure off the pressure cooker? It’s easy. Some people actually do their best work when stressed-out. But to avoid burn-out its recommended to find an alternative mood-booster.

Getting busy is the best example you can set, when multi-tasking, and we all have those days: get bills paid, recycle the milk cartons and drink more hot chocolate. Getting overwhelmed during these times can be so frustrating and who knows might even unfortunately end up affecting you performance at work, and no one wants that, now. Chronic tension can hurt your mind, and your body, so use these healthy calm methods to shield yourself against it all.


When you are stressed, turn to your favourite physical fitness-regimen and make it something, to quiet your brain. See, which of them are right for you: an intensive workout guided by your trainer, horseback riding, yoga, rock climbing – anything that needs your constant attention. This will leave you with no room to obsess about anything else other than the super-fast moves.

Quiet Time in the A.M.

Early in the morning, when the whole house is still busy napping, get a cup of coffee and sit in peace in the living room. No television, radio buzz should surround you because this is the time to think things through…or not.

The Right Posture

Don’t have hunched-up shoulders and crossed arms – it sends off signals that you are tensed and frightened of something, all the time.
Not to mention of the slackening of your self-confidence, but you can do better than this at stress: maintain your confident posture all across, to let the world know you are sure of yourself, even during any crisis that seems to be bottom-less when you are in it (whispers: it never is!)

Be kinder

Do some good for your community, contribute to making the world a better place, even if it is just your neighbourhood, such as planting trees, organising summer get-togethers or just plain sailing yard-sales to make your junk someone else’s long-desired treasure for a change!

Get a massage!

Book a trip to a spa, or get your boyfriend/girlfriend to give you a good back-rub. Anxiety gets relieved when you are getting a massage – it can have similar benefits to giving one, surprisingly. Touch is a good stress-buster, even if it just for 15 minutes.



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