The New Girlfriend

Une nouvelle amie

Une nouvelle amie has been adapted from a short story written by British mystery author Ruth Rendell in the eighties. Sexuality, fancies behind a curtain of melodrama, humour and slivers of suspense that reminds you of the Hitchcock era. The French bourgeoisie of today holds many secrets, hides many unbearable desires and you see a lighter depiction of that arc of history here. It differs from the book in tone: the film is more romantic, the book is colder.

Claire’s best friend from childhood, Laura, passes away, so she attempts to help Laura’s former husband David and baby cope with the tragedy, somewhat, only to discover secrets: David, Laura’s former husband is trying to makeup for the baby no longer having a mother in her life, dressing up in womens’ clothes.

David blurts out he isn’t gay but has always enjoyed cross-dressing but lacks the courage to go out with his love for womens fashion. Aside, from this comedic episodes that rolls through a lot of the movie, you can also see a lot of the slides in the film explore the friendship between Claire and Laura, who was a seductive young woman, equipped at breaking harts in high school, and then became a wife and a mother who fell prey to an unrelentless disease.

Rating: 7/10.


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