Soho House, Istanbul

Soho House recently expanded into Istanbul, with a vibrant addition to their mantle of brilliant hotels, around the globe. This latest outpost is stationed in the creative district of Beyoglu, and has four buildings, making up the hotel. It boasts a private members club, a blend of ancient and the nouveau – the oldest structure in the composition is from 1873 and named the Corpi Building.

Locally, it was known as the former American embassy and consulate but now it is recognised as a beacon of what’s to come to Istanbul: growth, cultural reinvigoration and development. The hotel has marble floorings courtesy of Carrara, rosewood doors, frescoes that have been brought back to their original avatars, and remarkably a Cowshed spa, with their lovely products lining the aisles; it has two hammam rooms, for those interested in going for a steam after a long and hectic day spent shopping.

Prices start at €400 for a Large Mezzanine: the beds have Egyptian cotton sheets and once inside you can treat yourself to homemade biscuits, tidy up infront of the makeup table, or recline after a long hour or so spent in the rainforest showers, washing off the effect of travelling with mini toiletries for a few days.

New architectural styles house 87 bedrooms, two rooftop pools, and a bar that has been modelled after a speakeasy bar, rather aptly called The Embassy Club. For Soho House regulars, you will be pleased to find Cecconi serving you a multitude of delicious cuisine options too. Speakeasies gained prominence during the 1920s Prohibition era in the United States of America, where the establishments sold alcohol even though the beverage was outlawed across the country.

For breakfast, you can treat yourself to eggs cooked to your liking, a full English breakfast, or a Turkish breakfast. A Turkish breakfast is one where you get a boiled egg, cheese (locally sourced), olives, tomato, cucumber, simit (Turkish bread), butter, preserves, honey and clotted cream. This goes with your choice of bread from the bakery, seasonal fruits and nuts, the odd sides (avocado/olives/beef bacon) and morning drinks.

Because this is Turkey, you can expect a lot of Eastern dishes, like mezzes made available to you throughout the day, such as zucchini fritter, red lentil köfte, cured beef and cheese, and your typical salads, sandwiches. For dinner, apart from an excellent selection of tonics and cocktails, get ready for more of mezzes and salads. When tired of all the greens (time to pack up and leave because Turkey is very environmentally friendly!) you can indulge in a steak dinner or fish – that’s always the best alternative: you can choose from salty, crusted sea bass/fresh mussels, brought in by the bay all the time, really closeby.


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