The Marine Hotel, Whitstable

The Marine Hotel counts it’s its structure to be that of a former hospital. The rooms are large, comfortable and you can get a pristine seaside vied of Kent. The beds here come packaged in a crisp white linen, woollen blankets, and it sits amongst precious nautical decos and beige walls; some of them rooms also have their very own private balconies, which you can only access through French doors.

As you escape your room for some tranquil at sea, you do so by first stopping by at the bar downstairs (provided it’s a late and lazy lunch hour ofcourse!) – the place is small, and sort of engulfing. The walls are a painted powdery blue, and the floor is carpeted with beige fabrics, and the place looks like an old English pub, with chandeliers in place, roasting open fires, and a lot of variety of locally sourced alcoholic beverages.

In the restaurant close to the bar, you will be greeted by a posh atmosphere and local seafood on the menu, and they will be something to dig into after you are done indulging yourself in a walk on the beach. The beach, meanwhile is lined with a lot of colourful beach huts, that lead the way to town.

When you are at the restaurant, be sure to try these seafood dishes: King prawns with bacon lardons and crispy sweet potato, 3 oysters served with shallot, vinegar, black pepper, lemon vinaigrette and samphire, paprika roasted monkfish, with a white wine, mussel & cream sauce, and rocket tagliatelle topped with pine nuts, locally smoked kippers with marmalade and toast, smoked haddock & poached egg.

Whistable is famous in England for its seafood, specially its oysters. There is an Oyster Festival that takes place annually in July, and visitors come to this English harbour town, in crowds, during the year’s Regatta; the Regatta also throws an enormous fireworks show, which can be comfortably viewed from the restaurant at the hotel.

This is the perfectly idyllic coastline escape, just when you need it, with good seafood, a trip to the beach, that is just footsteps away from your residence and a warm atmosphere that lets you escape into your very own calm and serene private escape.


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