A Lego NYC

Danish-Icelandic installation artist, sculptor, filmmaker and photographer Olafur Eliasson has brought a new concept of encourage the public to contribute to their city’s landscape.

Stationed in Manhattan, is a towering Danish plastic building block, made of Lego bricks that aims to demonstrate his future project on Chelsea’s Highline, that has a view of the Hudson River. The million white Lego bricks’ structure measures two tonnes, and sits in the middle of a reimagined NYC landscape, and his thoughts on urban modernity.

The project counts notable architects, such as Renzo Piano, as contributors, and together they have created miniature editions of the building on massive tables. Piano actually proceeded to create a toy-size of the destroyed UNESCO Heritage Site temple in Kathmandu, from the recent earthquakes in Nepal.

The project was idea Eliasson had about asking others to add to the concept of space to create something new – the public were asked to build on top of the miniature Manhattan skyline, with spare Lego bricks, to create something totally new, as part of a playtime on hybrid city planning.


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