Sunflower House, Spain

This white building, residing in Girona, Spain, is designed in a geometric shape and lives on a cliff-top. Each of the floor looks like a cubic stack, and is very receptive of sunshine, whilst at the same time boasting a seaside view. A green garden, much like Catalonian culture, surrounds the boxy home, with it’s shaded patios and a small pool that has seaside views. The interior decoration is also positioned in such a manner that it has a Mediterranean outlook, sometimes dabbling in French culture as well.

Quite unique, just like the Cabo de Creus National Park, you can spot from the home. The top level of the home has bedrooms, and the bottom floor has a living room – each of the cube is decorated in glass on one side, that has black frames highlighting it. The cubes rotate into the light and is borne out of an elaborate study on how build an appropriate shelter in a serene landscape – the area is also recipient of an annual strong gust of wind, so architecture here needs to be built keeping that concept in mind.

The lower level of the floor has an open-plan living area, a kitchen and a dining environment, but it’s still a comfortable home because of it’s alcove structures. The top floor is connected to the ground floor, with a tall and double height living area, that is almost always seasonally warm, because of the long glazing, across two floors. The painting has minute soft monochrome amongst all of the whiteness, which makes it an idyllic contemporary Mediterranean escape.


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