Madam Secretary: A Different Kind Of Powerful!

A new drama is walking through the power corridors in one stylish avatar after another: it is called Leading Lady, where the protagonist, Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) is a powerful young lady. It has many women absolutely hooked, because it is neither too serious like political dramas, such as The West Wing, or romantic dramas, like The Good Wife.

Elizabeth is a retired CIA analyst and she has a hapless working pattern. Absent-minded and always hard-slogging, she holds a teacher’s job now. Suddenly, a friend, the President, asks her to take the office as the Secretary of State’s plane has shockingly gone down over the Atlantic. Elizabeth moves to Washington and she now has to learn battling international security concerns everyday, but somehow has optimism on her cards as she wisely tells a room of people that she always has a say and an option on a subject.

A wise leader, she can multi-task, compromise, and negotiate just like the rest of us policy wizards, speak up when necessary, and abide the rules when demanded. The show comes as a breath of fresh air to successful women because they can identify with her, and her struggles. In a man-dominated world, it is difficult to find female leaders, which is why Elizabeth McCord, as a character, is so enduring.

Elizabeth is married to a good looking fellow, and he acts as a diplomatic arm candy on most occassions, and he rather surprisingly quips about not really being involved in his wife’s political troubles – they are a couple with two different careers, both are successful, but Elizabeth is the reigning queen.

It has been lovely to learn so, because that’s not exactly what I like to settle for in close confidant-esque relationships –  it’s nicer when folks mix around, can indluge in fine conversations, and I do not have to throw my weight around after every couple of minutes, of who I really am. How palatable and satisfying such secretly insecure feelings must be though, for those traditional folks who get it?

Elizabeth’s husband likes to keep her grounded, and add a POV to her decisions, and she personally suggests she wouldn’t be the leader she is, if it weren’t for him. How remarkable! Elizabeth actually needs another person to keep her grounded! How’s that for being unafraid to express raw emotions at work! She deserves a round of applause for wearing “the pants” but only because she enjoys it!

Madam Secretary



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