Captain Britain

Captain Britain is a good British citizen. Dorky and shy, Brian lives in Essex and spends time with his family, who use to belong to an upper class rank. After his family lost out on their wealth and position, Brian decides to devote his attention to the study of physics, rather than socialise with children of a lower economic rank.

Brian later becomes a superhero after Melvyn (a character lifted out of The Legend of King Arthur) and gives him the opportunity to change the world. With an Amulet of Right, Brian starts to protect his country and the universe-at-large from all kinds of danger.

As you address outcries for increasing the presence of British superheroes on screen, and also mirror roles that can match upto the evil ingeunity of Doctor Strange, it would be such a waste of space to not let the Captain run free, battling his many nemesis on screen, from S.T.R.I.K.E. to Necromon.

Dream Casting

I think if you want to play it safe, then Henry Cavill could go the distance in another superhero flick, something that was planned to mirror Captain America’s popularity in the comic book universe but for Great Britain. 

Although, Batman, possibly took that crown, irrespective of geographical boundaries, it sounds plausible enough….as does, Ralph Fiennes, in a slight twist of role reversal, going from playing one of the most feared villains of all-time, to a well-loved, snobbish superhero. 

If you want to go totally ballistic, then you can always opt to give our local heartthrob, Hugh Grant an absolute makeover in a superhero avatar. Or maybe even permit Edward Norton, to let loose his longheld anguish since the days of Fight Club (1999) – he would be good in the episode, where Captain Britain pauses from his caped crusader activities for a while and decides to get back to researching physics, rather sudenly and mysteriously.


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