Jennifer Lawrence Talks Oscar and Hunger Games

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Jennifer Lawrence is best known for her roles as Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games film franchise. As the protagonist, Katniss is both fearless and a damsel-in-distress, falling in and out of trouble in a land obsessed with competition. Numerous other actresses auditioned for the part too, such as Kaya Scodelario, Chloe Grace Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld but Jennifer won the role. After winning the highly-prized role, owing to the success of the novels on which the films are based on, she began an intensive training of archery, rock and tree climbing, and combat. This franchise went on to become the first major box-office hit centred on a female action star.

When she joined the film, she was still a newcomer, with only one Academy Award nomination to write home about in the tragic noir Winter’s Bone (2010), playing a young 17-year old girl looking after her psychologically ill mother and younger siblings, while still trying to locate her missing father. Wrapping for The Hunger Games film series has ended, and the last in the series The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, is slated for a winter release, this year. Speaking about Katniss, Jennifer has remarked that she is nothing like her because she has a chilled-out lifestyle, in comparison to the heroine’s, who is a rebel-at-heart, causing a revolution.

Good-thing her raw red onion sandwich eating isn’t getting in the way of the image of Katniss in people’s minds, then – I would, hate to see that happen….the heroine has turned into a PJ-loving slob, rather than be an army boots wearing commander, that so many lovely smelling, with a little help from none other than Armani, guys want! We all need to mate with fiction sometimes, to keep our romantic creativity concepts flowing, like there is no end to the chase in an awesome, real-life, cool Batmobile!

Lawrence won her first ever Academy Award in 2013 for Silver Linings Playbook and she has found the honour so lovely, but she wants to move on from it, and wants to keep working, and as you might have noticed in her two films, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Serena, she is doing a great job expanding her bowl bag of roles. I think her role as Mystique was amazing – she is one of my most favourite villains of all-time, because of her ability to shapeshift and play with people’s minds, and bid them into doing exactly what she wants. So, cunningly, manipulative and cool!

Jennifer reflects on the last day of filming for The Hunger Games, saying that it was a sad moment thinking it was all over, and there was no coming back to the sets once more, to put yourself through gruelling training for the training, to be this exhausted and to shine on-screen once more, as Katniss Everdeen. Katniss lives in a reality show, where it is a fight-to-the-death, and it is shrouded in political conspiracy, and the gruesome death of little adolescences. When she first started working in the movie she was busy cleaning, like there is no tomorrow and as if your life depended on it.

But, why? She thinks it is because she is nervous about the film, she has substituted handling the stress over the movie, with something effective like squeezing an orange cow toy, that makes funny noises, with cleaning the refrigerator handle because then she doesn’t have to think about how much of a celebrity, the film, even prior to it’s release, was gossiped about, would make her into. It’s understandable why, the movie comes in the heels of a Twilight franchise, and a Harry Potter franchise, and they both turned so many young kids, into overnight sensations, it was unbelievable.

I found it unbelievable! It turned kids who were in schools, that no one had heard of just a couple of days back, into such big stars, with their faces on every magazine imaginable and their lives being tailed by the paparazzi and gossip mongers, like they cannot get enough of them. It was a special time, back then, because there was just so much to read up on, so much to learn because the books were still, give or take a few, in motion in publishing. Yes, the life of a journalist that you aspire to have is so much different from the life of an actress, so many young girls, with stars in their eyes, freshly in Los Angeles, desire to make theirs.

She found the whole episode scary, because she could not depend on whether or not she will ever return back to her grounded self, now that she has “owned” a ticket to a life in another alternate universe, where it feels like you are tied to the shackles of a life, you most definitely never agreed to sign up to. What if you do not have friends there? What if no one understands you there? What if…..? But it did, in the end. She has fit stardom so around her like, a well-tailored glove, it seems inseparable from Lawrence now.

Fame has given her such an easy-life, according to Lawrence, because she is doing what she loves, and doing it so damn well. To her, it’s only tough when you work on a film, because training for a wide range of roles, and entertaining the audience each time, is not an easy task. But she feels that there is nothing to complain about because it has given her such a fortunate life. I disagree with her there….I have found that success at work is very rewarding, it feels so great when all of your hard work is appreciated, and to find someone who understands you, and thinks things like you do, and you do not feel like you have to live a dangerous double-life, where people confuse you for someone else.

The manic world of celebrities is so crazy sometimes, when you open a gossip tabloid, just out of mere curiosity, and see folks obsessed over the other Jennifer’s (Aniston) breakfast ritual. I mean, come on now! Life must be more than this…and it is for Lawrence, because she is now anticipating going into television after her Oscar win. She is even considering taking up a job as a voiceover artist for Animal Planet. Wow! What an amazing subject she has chosen…talk about getting diverse on screen!


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