Namor is everyone’s worst idea of a superhero. He is a villainous character, an enemy of the United States but comic book lovers love to read through his destruction episodes on metropolitans. Ships, skyscrapers, the whole island of Manhattan, in fact, was shaken because of his tidal wave recall powers. 

Born and bred in Atlantic City, Namor is the son of a human sea captain and Fen, the daughter of Atlantean emperor Thakorr. Namor became a prince in the underwater town as he grew up isolated becuase of how different he is from all the other folks in Atlantis, and possess special magical powers, such as flying, superhuman strength, speed and surviving through difficult aquatic terrains.

Namor’s past is complicated because of the star-crossed love affair his parents had, he has peculiar abilities, when you compare him with other fellow mutants, and more often than not, appears as a nemesis, before throwing in the hat to turn into a good guy. In light of an incarnation of Aquaman coming to our screens soon, seeing Namor come alive in theatres, could act as the antidote to much flashy underwater gimmicks – we all need some more of deep running storylines, where good doesn’t always start off on an easy note.

Dream Casting

I think if you take a look at Namor, one of the first character attributes you notice, is that he is different. He is different than all the other muscular, lean-figured, clean-shaven, brave guys out to fight crime. And he is comfortable with it, he has no inhibitions about the fact that he doesn’t exactly fit in, no worries over if he can be a good prince for it, he is sure of himself and his abilities. 

Because of these qualities, it would be interesting to see Benedict Cumberbatch throw in the towel from fighting crime, to becoming a supervillain for a change. He is odd enough as a supervillain in the consciousness of many. 

You could also play it straight and choose Javier Bardem, who seems so perfectly built (cliché intended) for the role, you might just have to do a double whammy on the street if you ever see him running around in a superhero suit, waiting for the right dialogue cue. 

If you would rather have it more challenging, then you can go with Will Smith – I say Will here, because he has the seriousness, the agression and that magnetical look of “always in deep thought about his next move” that Namor flaunts. Speaking of aggression, Mark Wahlberg would also be a good choice for the role, I believe, because it would be interesting (and I really do mean it!) to see him play a character that wasn’t always this good-looking, confused and vanilla.


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