Swarovski Celebrates 120 Years

Swarovski celebrated 120 years by renovating it’s Kristallwelten quarters, set in the picturesque Austrian town village of Wattens, where the brand had established itself first. The 7.5hectare complex was all about crystals, and it included a range of collaborations, with the likes of Tom Dixon, Zaha Hadid and Naoto Fukasawa.

There was a beautiful alpine structure in a dimensional setting, that is vertical in nature, and it has a glass dimension, crafted by an architecture firm from Oslo. There is a lot of playtime areas inside the complex, complete with a huge trampoline, and a vertigo-installing, 14-metre-high climbing net stationed over four separate floors. The all-around windows also add to the playground feel of the place, because the nature reserve around the building consists of snow-capped mountains.

A brand new cafe and a restaurant has been built at the opening gate, with their organic, low-slung pod of curvaceous concrete structures, that showsoff contemporary landscaped garden views. It further has it’s own customised edition of a 1,400 square metre Crystal Cloud installation from French and Vietnamese artists, Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot – it is a design of silver and grey clouds, levitating right above a mirrored pool; the installation has been hand-decorated with more than 800,000 crystals in three separate sizes!

A mossy hillside, a giant that smiles and a waterfall – when you see them, you know you have reached Swarovski’s HQ. After the museum underwent an expansion, it hosts the five new exhibits, including one by creative British pair Fredrikson Stallard. Nicknamed “Eden” it is a layered sensory forest of simplistic brass structures, and crystal sculptures that represent exotic wildlife, right behind a digital waterfall. Meanwhile, adding to the playground atmosphere is a pastiche from Studio Job “Wunderkammer” that features a fairground, inviting you to combat the daily noise in your life, in your head, with a cabinet filled with remarkably wonderful curious objects.


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