Moon Knight

There is such a scariness to Moon Knight, the Chicago-native superhero, who once aspired to be a boxer, but found success in the marine services, eventually. Skilled in combat, Marc Spector once has a near-death experience, when confronting the death of an archaeologist, by an African mercenary, who wants to loot an excavation site. 

Left to die in harsh cold temperatures in a desert, Marc gets rescued by a group of Egyptians and carried back to their temple, where their God Khonshu appears to him in a vision, granting him a second chance at life, to become God’s reincarnated mirror image on planet Earth. 

Awakening from the painful position, Marc wraps himself around with a silver shroud that was covering Khonshu’s statue, and avenges the death of his comrade and fights him for the humiliation he caused him, before returning to America to become a crime fighter. 

Marc manufactures a silver-cloaked costume to look like the shroud, and even grows a small fortune, which gives him an alternate identity as a millionaire. Moon Knight’s a well-loved superhero, especially after he got a televised animated makeover, so creating a film on him should be a popular decision.

Dream Casting

This role was particularly challenging to cast because Moon Knight most of the time appears in comic book in his superhero avatar, his millionaire self is very rarely visible. But he still has a leisurely young side to him, so we needed someone like a Gregory Peck but that is so hard to find these days…good thing we don’t have to think so much about his millionaire lifestyle, as much as his superhero abilities!

I would suggest Ben Kingsley – it would be nice to see him more animated than his previous role as Professor Xavier on the X-Men franchise. Another good idea would be to get Liam Neeson on board, because he has done both action and drama, so well. You could also go with Daniel-Day Lewis because he can add versatility and romance to the role (aka The Last of the Mohicans). And finally, to top off the action prowess, maybe we could get Mel Gibson to sit on something other than the director’s chair, with a lot of gravitas, since the days of Braveheart.


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