Towards a greater political diversity in Turkey…

This month was surprising on so many accounts. Politically, we saw a lot of change. In Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan a formerly fearful vote-winner, lost out winning the elections as numerous of his aides deserted him.

The public as well, were crying out, along with the former aides for the need to have a greater support system in place for the Kurdish minority in the land, who often face seclusion and how the last couple of years have done nothing to suggest so for the former President.

It was so, so sad to see Erdogan lose the election, but a welcome move that people have spoken for the need to do more for the Kurds. A greater political democracy needs to exist nationally, as some observers have commented, which was previously difficult to see through with Erdogan in power.

Erdogan has been a great political ally, because he believed in uniting the country, with idealogies that are good nationally, and with it’s neighbours. And it is sad to see him lose his grapple on power because of a difference in views, with the public, with the voters.

The public believe that the new party in power is more liberal-minded and interested in taking care of the diverse culture, the country is proudly home to. There is even disbelief in the eyes of many that this is actually happening, when it wasn’t possible some 5 years ago…


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