An Enchanting Thomas Sabo Craft

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For SS2015, the German jewellery label Thomas Sabo had a diverse range of crafts to interest us with, such as the Maharani collection, the Glam & Soul collection, the Dots collection and the Flamingo collection.

There was even a Wheel of Karma pendant in numerous shades of blue, green, that has an interesting backstory to it. Karma stands for a “cause and effect” principle, such as what you do unto others, will eventually befall upon you too. 

If you live your live with idealistic principles then you can have a good karma, and find happiness. However, if you live a life full of spite, then expect those emotions to pour into your karma quotient and overflow your life with constant sufferings.

You can wear the pendant (my favourite is the green-silver one, that looks like the colour of a royal serpent), if you believe in that ideology, like scientists believe in Darwinism – it concerns the school of thought of evolution and natural selection of variants in life forms, which is a bit like pondering over which came first? The chicken or the egg?

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