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A philosophical rambling from Disney, who would have thought? A pessimistic attitude about social beginnings comes at you from some corners, and makes the characters lose interest in the purpose of life. It goes something like this: “Why bother with much, when you can sit and judge society, with your own little social gang?” It sounds so pointless, but that is the main frame of idealism for some people in the world.

Don’t let that pessimistic “sneer” drag you down though, because Tomorrowland doesn’t subscribe to a sadistic, machinist, macho-point of view. No, life is so much more than just a dream, you forgot to live, or is it? George Clooney stars in this film, as the protagonist, and it has all it takes to become a summer blockbuster. It is different kind of a fantasy, than the kind that belongs in the Marvel universe: counter-present culture that rises high with the help of storylines about the Second World War, indulging in science-fiction and fantasy.

This was the starting-point for the story in Tomorrowland, as Clooney muses about how when he was a kid, the future was promised to be a different place – somewhere, where a young kid could make a model of the already invented vacuum cleaner and sell the idea to a World Trade Fair. The kid still needs to spend more time in the lab over fixing the trinkets of his edition of the vacuum cleaner, and whilst he is there, he meets a faulty doll, he falls madly in love with because of all she can offer him.

Similar fantasies keep on growing in the young, especially young girls, who one day dream of making it big and how the future is promising for her, but it is obvious to everyone that those dreams are a but a shoestring away from getting broken as reality sinks in, slowly and painfully, with age. These girls are obsessed with ideas that are now getting ruined because of how attached they were to the project because of their unemployed parents, and although their little privileged upbringings and the expensive toys they managed to acquire despite their parents unemployed status, will not do one little thing to solve the ruined arcs, another hideout tunnel appears to grant her, her wishes.

A small pin, that has a shinning “T” on it, which when she touches she moves to a wheat field, from whereupon she can spot a beautiful city, just within her reach. However, at the moment they are too busy thinking about the future and what to do it – anything would be good, so long as it is something. Frank (George Clooney) arrives in on the scene when the girls get thrown out of the magical fantasy, and tells her to get out of the dream because the world has evolved so much since when he was a kid.

But she doesn’t listen to him, she is insistent that there is so much more to life than good old Houston, now that she has seen Tomorrowland. Frank pauses berating when he begins to notice that his younger self is still inside all of these girls, and he decides to follow her to find out what could really be in that land she is on about. The movie keeps on moving with Frank who just enjoys the ride, as the girls prance around with a dying rocket.

Film Rating: 7/10.


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