An Official Look at Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Christopher McQuarrie is back once more in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, dodging motorbikers driving with vengeance (in America) and sporting very cool sunglasses atop skyscrapers….when not hanging off them, defying one death stunt after another, ofcourse. 

Tom Cruise plays Christopher once more, and that is lovely to see because this time the film is actually taking on a dangerous new course of action: the hero is up against a rogue nation, known as The Syndicate, and their actions are just as secretive as their name. 

The organisation is like a model IMF but it hunts to kill many “heroes”, as Cruise races against time to also save himself from being fired by his boss, Alec Baldwin, who is so tired of his constant hunger for glory. Expect the film nationwide on July 30.


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