The X-Files Returns!

Mulder and Scully are at it again – chasing aliens from faraway planets. The mini-series is going to be six episodes long, bringing back to life the beloved detectives and their investigative ways through conspiracy and monster-battling.

Mulder is now in a dark corner of his life, and no longer the handsome, brooding, contemplative young man, with a pechant for solving the most toughest cases iaginable. Sully is comfotably settled, in comparison, and enjoying her home life, and the new series aims to fill in the blanks for the question marks the original scripted series had left behind.

The world they inhabit is the one we do today, where 9/11 has happened, civil liberties are being compromised and our basic rights are being snatched and covered up as something that needs to be done to protect us.

Spying is commonplace, lying is an afterthought that needs to be added it seems to every statement, so this is a little bit like the era of the Watergate, but for the present moment. If anything, sometimes the days seem far darker and troubling. Does that sound exciting enough?


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