By Malene Birger’s New Seventies Project

By Malene Birger recently decided to turn the couture house into a state of the art Danish fashion house, one that is globally respected. Dimore Studio, a Milian-based studio was made responsible for the design house’s latest new pleasing aesthetic offerings. The brand is going to have a shop in Copenhagen, alongside other launches worldwide. 

The studio they have chosen to work for this rebranding of design is popular with other fashion houses, such as Bottega Veneta and Hermes but this will be the first time they are going to design a retail space. One of the locations chosen for a second retail launch is Marylebone, in the autumn and the aim is to increase the international vision more, rather than appear too local and European-market-specific. 

Bright colours, feminine, the shop exudes traditional seventies styles. One of the most awe-inspiring designs has been this comfortable retro ordination: a graphic monochrome lighting installation drops from the ceiling and right above the central staircase. The installment is electrifying, and there is also a striking presence of the design studio’s signature elemental brass feels – they have been put inside of textured walls, and made use of for curvy racks to carry the clothes in the shop. The picture is then completed by leather finishing, windows that have a circular ornament on them (very creative!) and finally contemporary  display cabinets, which boasts glass tops.  


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