A Weekend In Philadelphia

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Colonial architecture and thoughts about the founding fathers of America – better bring a notebook to document some time spent on soaking up your very own imaginative resources.

Philadelphia is affectionately called “Philly” by locals and regulars to the city. It is one of the best cities to drop by in because there is no shortage of iconic landmarks to see, be it the Liberty Bell or the Rockystatue. However, nowadays travelling involves a lot more than simple sightseeing because as the culture evolves and grows in the West, so does travellers’ demands.

People want to also sample the local cuisine or take a look at a budding new artist’s paintings and photography work, just because it is fun to dabble in all of that as a hobby or as a break from the demanding clockworks of life in a major town.

I like to go here because the city is a friend to my camera and crowded thoughts that needs careful and imaginative notebook-sorting – it is the perfect place to learn more about any kind of culture you are interested in, any story you would like to capture, any innovative piece of thought process you would like to spark today.

Restaurants are popping up in neighbourhoods, such as Fishtown and the Western side of the city, so you can sum up the experience as one where the modern has blended in with the ancient.

The Hotel

Radisson Blu Warwick Hotel is a sophisticated address in Philadelphia, and is close to the City Hall. This particular Radisson boasts features such as an in-house dining experience, one of which is even decorated out like a 1940s steakhouse.

Going further than that, for your room – there is a large flatscreen television, an appropriate work desk, a complimentary USA Today newspaper (but only on weekdays) to go with your Full American breakfast of sausage, cold cuts, bacon and cheese, and free Wi-Fi.

Day 1: Thomas Jefferson & A Sandwich

First things first, you must come to Liberty Bell because this is the place where Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence from the British Empire. The quarter is also home to some of the best shops and pretty-looking streets, you can lay your eyes upon so this would be the perfect time to reinvigorate your memory on Thomas Jefferson’s perspectives on a union with Great Britain. He was always in favour of the idea but the British parliament of the time, left him with no choice amidst a revolution war being fought but to sign an agreement that gave America a freer future and a new number of lands.

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When done thinking about America’s place in the British Empire and it’s complicated relationship with Great Britain for our great past, throughout the time, you can go and visit the High Street on Market. Pick up a sandwich from chef Eli Kulp’s eatery, like that one that comes with poppy seeds on a flour-dusted Kaiser roll, and go for a walk around town.

First stop is the Old City, where you can see one of my most favourite average things about America: colonial homes. Elfreth’s Alley is littered with 18th Century homes, but the pedestrian is stone-lined so unless you are from Great Britain, you might not know that this is the perfect time to choose your favourite pair of Converse over a Manolo Blahnik – it makes walking around town with your sandwich so much easier.

After this you might want to go for some antique shopping – if you can find something original off Garfield there, you might have to race me to it and lose to my very tall-legged sneakers, but these places are haunts for all of those childhood memorabilia that you would dream about owning someday but could never find them in shops anymore.

Day 2:  Craft Beer & Caesar Salad

On the second day, a “Philly” dove took me to a retro station where you get to jive with food. It’s a dinner classic by the name of Sulimay’s Restaurant, where you get delicious dishes, such as a Caesar Salad (avec garlic croutons) and then pick up a mug of craft beer – travelling can be tiring, so you should enjoy it with a Philly Ale.

This is the day before you head back to Borough, and order a tall-one to sit with your work in the chilly wind, once again, so it is best spent just food hopping from one spot to the other. Don’t forget to get your vintage Garfield mug from an antique shop, before you head home, though – it almost makes up for not having crammed more time to think about Thomas Jefferson’s political legacy, during the weekend.

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