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Boulevard is a film about closet-homosexuality, which becomes a secret no more, after some fifty-odd years. Robin Williams plays the lead as a mellow man, who is educated, well-honed in culture, but deeply eccentric. His strange ways run him into more trouble than you would find an average man getting into – he has held the same job in a bank for years, and spends most of his time at it. He has a wife he talks about novels with, because he must, and sleeps alone in his bedroom.

Nolan Mack discovered he was gay when he was only 12 years old, but his sexual promiscuity only reigns free one random night in town. He begins a paid relationship with a fellow man, who is disappointed at the thought of only money but no-sex, and this is a relationship his wife is driven to insanity over, with suspicion.

Nolan’s closest confidante is a college professor, who likes to bed his students, and a rock-solid believer in his marriage and he often spends many lunches with his friend, discussing over matters. However, in the end, his little secret becomes known to his friend and Nolan is forced to shock the living daylights out of his wife, with the news that her husband, is actually gay and has been for many years now. The film is an interesting arc on homosexuality and how the closest people in your lives, the ones you see every single day, deal with the news, even though the status quo of LGBT rights in America now is something all Americans are proud of.

Rating: 8/10.


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