Escobar:Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost theatrical release poster.jpg
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Escobar:Paradise Lost is a film about drug cartels in Colombo, South America. Directed in a style similar to the classic The Godfather, over here the story is about a family and a criminal lord. The family is the man’s own and they are very obedient to a menacing and deadly drug lord’s ways. Going by the name of Pablo Escobar, this film is a true account of the actual person responsible for all of these outlawed activities in the country.

Benicio del Toro plays Pablo Escobar in the film, where he gives his trade up spontaneously in 1991, after numerous heists of valuables. He hides this looted stash in solitary corners of the country with the help of trusted comrades, and even carries out merciless killing of a peasant who was responsible for Pablo finding the looting spots, in the first place.

When you see his family, you are awed by their lives: there is a surfer boy from Canada, who comes to Colombo to enjoy the suns and sand, a young woman who works in a clinic, and a favourite neice of Escobar – he is so fluently taken with the young woman, he doesn’t mind taking time out of his busy schedule to visit her, after dedicating a personally-renovated clinic (the other one), that he used his money to do.

Escobar is now fat and sloppy and thinks himself a politician, with a golden heart, someone who is like everybody else but rich. Naturally, the young boy and the woman, who begin an affair disapproves of this attitude because they, well the surfer, at least, believes that the only reason cocaine should be used in Columbia is for medicinal purposes, nothing else.

The young woman is so in love with the surfer boy that she doesn’t mind exerting her grasp on the subject, with a “come-hither” approach to her young boyfriend – how lovely! The most interesting arc of the film is the chase that involves the looting episodes – you hang onto those, even when Pablo is trying to get a new crowd to like him, like rare jewels, after one-too-many sputters that happen when the surfer boy opens his mouth to talk of the benefits of cocaine.

Rating: 7/10.


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