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Damian Hale is an affluent businessman, with an apartment decorated in gold. He has cancer and an estranged daughter, when he meets a new idea: exchanging his body with a new one for a price of $250mn. So, Damian (Ben Kingsley) then wakes up in the body of a younger man, played by Ryan Reynolds.

He is now called Edward – a man who lives in new Orleans and drives a fast car, plays basketball and even makes a friend, here and there. Edward’s life, as you can see in Self/less, is not perfect in his new body because after every six hours he must swallow a red pill, or stand at a risk of hallucinating, getting migraines, or possibly even die whilst sleeping. When he misses a pill, Edward has an elaborate hallucination, where he finds out that his body was not manufactured in a lab but actually belonged to a poor man, who sacrificed himself to finance treatments for his daughter.

Edward meets up with the family of this man, and uncovers a secret his doctor had kept from him during the exchanging procedure. The film is also about how the wealthy exploit the rich to get even more wealthy, and how human beings nowadays are choosing medicine over a graceful death. The maze-like plot is enticing but the film lacks a coherent plot, in spaces, and feels more like a thrilling ride, rather than a thought-provoking and adventurous affair.

Rating: 6/10.


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