The Hoxton, Amsterdam

If you love to visit canals in Amsterdam, then this hotel in the Nine Streets District is the address to be in.


The Hoxton has spread it’s wings far and wide and ventured out into Amsterdam. Following a station in Shoreditch and Holborn, the boutique space is moving into a terrain surrounded by water canals and canal houses – the scene could not be further from their picked out spots back in London.

This is a tiny hotel with plenty of character, that greets you the moment you open the small doorway, leading it’s way to dark ceilings and stairways. The hotel decor is plush and luxurious, and you can see the canal houses from the inside too, making this hotel a quintessential space to visit Amsterdam from.

The lounge is open-plan, along with the bar and the dining enclave, all of which boasts rich velvet couches, and buttery wooden armchairs. The walls have a clean palette, mixed with grey-toned tiles and woody inserts, the floorboards are casual and layered with rugs, as Dutch paintings stare at you from their traditional avatar, amidst the clankering that whimsical trinkets provide along the corridor.

The rooms look comfy and are draped in dark navy walls, ash bed throws, vintage telephones, and is very detail-oriented. There is a drawer in the hotel rooms labelled “crap” that holds a smart guide to the place, but the most surprising thing about the room is how they have thoughtfully kept the refrigerator empty for you to store all of your midnight snacks in.

The hotel is close to the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, and can be intimate but overpowering at the same time but this is where the food and the drinks in the place aim to make you feel at home. The coolest dish from the place is the sea bass and grilled vegetables – it goes great with a mint julep.

Favourites: The water canal location.

Loathed: The orange desk chair.

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