Ted 2

Ted 2 poster.jpg
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Seth McFarlane and Mark Wahlberg unite for Ted 2, an obnoxious bear movie that has awesome adventures. The bear is not your average bear, for he smokes pot, has a vulgur sense of humour and is quite big in size. In this film, Ted gets married to his longtime grilfriend, and grocery store coworker, with blessings from his best pal, John (Wahlberg).

I was glad to see the offloading of Mila Kunis from the sequel because her nasal-act of a mean girl has gotten really badly tiring over the years – it’s so annoying and unoriginal. But there is more of where those ideas came from in this film – Ted’s romantic life gets off to a bad start, so in an effort to sew in the sparks, he suggests to his wife they have a baby. His best pal John’s marriage is on the rocks too so Ted gets motivated to do something about the situation and visit a sperm donor.

John pitches in to help the couple have a baby but then we discover that Ted’s wife is infertile so the two try to adopt a child instead. This becomes a complicated procedure because Ted is viewed in the eyes of the state as a ‘property’ not a bear that wants to have a baby. To help fight the state, a lawyer is hired to stave off any opposition to adoption Ted encounters – this part of the film gets boring, for most of us thankfully, but it’s not exhaustive by any means, because most of the film is about ‘80s popculture references, such as The Breakfast Club, and pot-humour.

Rating: 8/10.


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