Terminator Genisys

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is back again in this Terminator franchise. The fifth installment, Terminator Genisys, sees plenty of slippery-skinned babes, with slick hairstyles, dancing around the wonderful robotic lead. Most of the reel time is made up of killing cyborgs that seem like will never die because they can heal and regenerate, with a newfound purpose.

Everyone loves a James Cameron film, and when that happens to be a Terminator film, you can expect the hype surrounding it to be rightly doubled up. This film is based off Cameron’s original, in fact it actually takes the story forward but it is so different from it. The machines are out-of-control at times, so the lead robot-man tries to save humanity from the destruction that is about to unfold right before their very eyes – a B-I-G 10 here.

Then we see, so much more: the Golden Bridge gets ripped apart, like it’s not even a thing but I suppose, that is so formulaic for disaster films. Basically, there is this young boy, who might not be as magical as the original Terminator but you still have him there to save humankind because the original is no longer there.

So, the young boy has a lovely mother, who must be saved from an indestructible killer, and the reason why his mother’s life is in danger is because the killer wants to make sure that the young boy never gets born. So, the young boy must then race against time to ensure he does get born, because absolute victory, or something close to it, was his doing, after all.

After a machine assaults a beautiful young naked maiden in the middle of a metropolitan, she becomes a protector of the young boy’s mother, selflessly, or perhaps maybe even out of vengeance, we might as well seal that episode into “pure contemplation” for eternity. The action scenes in the movie are nowhere near as glorious as the previous ones (sans the one without Arnold in it) but the biggest disappointment of the story is the rambles about a young boy and his mother, and how they need to be saved.

Is this really what the Terminator has come to? A young boy out to save the world, when the lord is no longer there, enough? How humanity should be chanelled through a young woman and not because psychopathic cyborgs are on the lose to cause havoc, without a purpose? What about the Terminator and his fierce legacy in saving the world? Will the audience really enjoy a tale, where there is a formerly naked maiden (cue: feel the emotional chords), with intentions of being bigger than her miseries, or of a young boy who looks like a Terminator wannabe but we might have to just settle for him as a filler episode, when the original action hero is still not back!

Rating: 4/10.


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