Barack Obama On The Iran Nuclear Deal

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President Obama professes his admiration for a historic trade deal.

The Iran nuclear deal has become such an important milestone in the chapters of American foreign policy. To actually get Iran onboard to dismantle it’s regional nuclear facility was perhaps one of the toughest but most pressing challenges of this particular era.

President Obama has been a very loyal supporter of this policy movement, even going so far as to outline his anger over how the bigger picture of the deal was often lost in political disenchantment episodes, that take place in the country regularly, with the White House.

Obama has stated that the nuclear deal in Iran is the most ambitious foreign policy push to have happened during his term. As noble as that thought has been, his criticising words on Washington and it’s background in offloading the U.S. army to deal with political deadlocks has been a refreshing change of pace of talks, amongst all the latest “dirty laundry” airing going on, in preparation for the upcoming American elections.

I have known Barack Obama for over eight years now, and although he hasn’t exactly been one political leader who addressed much of the criticism directed at him, which might I add, have been grossly incorrect and displeasing on so many levels, this perspective on how America views war was quite mature and wise. Ending wars fast is a good idea but getting the U.S. Army to do that for you has never been the right choice because it borders on the subject of political intervention.

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Obama made history when he won the Nobel Prize because so few had won it before him as a President, such as Woodrow Wilson, for drafting the League of Nations, which although not as hugely productive as it’s successor, was to later become a blueprint for the United Nations. He has also been a charismatic President, who has worked tirelessly for so many policy initiatives, during his tenure, such as “Obamacare”.

President Obama views the thought that America is singularly a mightiful military power as incorrect; he does not consider diplomatic values to be a thorn in your side, he is much more comfortable looking at it as a positive influence on the culture of Capitol Hill.

Obama wants the world to be united against all dangers, rather than divided. It is perhaps one of the reasons, why the President is so invested in solving the political issues, the conflicts that take place in Syria, all the time. Although, not an area I know plenty about, it has been disconcerting to learn of Iran’s involvement in the whole Hezbollah (a political party in Lebanon) and Syrian hostilities topic.

Obama considers the Iran nuclear deal to be more monumental than previous treaties signed with the former Soviet Union, becuse for those America had to lose something to establish peace. For this deal, there has been no such clause stating that America will stand to lose someting important from the negotiations – locking down Iran’s nuclear facility means that the calculating, tough and tremendously pragmatic decision, according to Obama, at least, has been one of the most inspiring trade deals to have been conducted in modern times.


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