The Benefits Of Caffeine

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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks you have today. But how beneficial is your regular dose of Java?


Sleep deprivation: When you are down and out and
drowsy, a shot of caffeine helps you feel alert and wide awake. For a moment at
least, it stops adenosine, a natural brain chemical that induces tiredness. When
you haven’t had the good fortune to catch up on sleep, your brain will be
filled with adenosine – more than the usual amount, so a caffeine boost helps
balance the levels and makes you less drowsy.

Workouts: Caffeine helps you out with endurance
and physical performances in running, less so for short movements. Coffee beans
pushes the body to burn more fat stores, instead of the limited
stores of carbohydrates – when your muscles runs out of carbohydrates stores
then you feel more tired so shots of caffeine can come and help there.

Parkinson’s Disease: Research has revealed that
people who drink a lot of cups of coffee every day, stand to be at a lower risk
of growing Parkinson’s Disease than usual. Patients of this disease lose nerve cells
slowly, which produce neurotransmitter dopamine. Coffee comes in here and helps
to protect the nerve cells.

Painkillers: A headache makes the blood vessels
inside of your brain widen in size but coffee keeps them intact. So, apart from
acting as a mild pain reliever it also helps to keep the size of the blood
vessels inside of your brain compact.

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Pregnancy: Pregnant women or those contemplating
getting pregnant should not drink more than 200mg of caffeine every day. This
is because if you drink more coffee, chances are that it will become harmful to
your fertility rates and foetal health.

Irregular patterns of sleep: Caffeine can jog
your sleep patterns especially if you as a person are a slow metabolizer of
caffeine – you already have more than enough leftover in your system from
drinking coffee regularly to break your normally peaceful routines of sleep
every night, so a sudden pause in the drinking patterns during the early hours
of the day will not instantly make you fall back asleep, normally.

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