What’s This About Fiddleheads?

A new kind of greens to experiment with, in cooking!

Embed from Getty Images

Fiddleheads are greens that are rolled up ferns, which are harvested as vegetables. As a good resource for iron, fibre, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, they come in numerous varieties from vegetable ferns to western sword ferns.

It is not very popular in the regular supermarkets but has been held in high regard in specialist food stores in North America for a very long time. They have young, curled up fronds for ferns, which is particularly known as the ostrich fern (Scientific Name: Matteuccia struthiopteris).

The plant can be grown from numerous types of Osmunda (a royal fern) globally, and it the taste palette sits somewhere inbetween an asparagus and broccoli – you can almost call it as a dish of the two combined. For the tasties fern in the market pick the ones that are jade green in colour and the coils are tight enough.

The tips of the fern, which is similar to greens, is a very good supply of nutrients, from fiblre to vitamina A and C. The omega-3 acids especially come packed with antioxidant power, that aims to kick out free radicals.


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