Talking About Seinfeld

The Charismatic Elaine Finally Becomes Real

Elaine is a passionate young woman and one day this passion takes her to the HQ of The New Yorker because of a cartoon sketch. The sketch is off the New York magazine and it has confused her so much she must not stay trapped underneath the glittering skyline of Manhattan with that subject. At a meeting with the cartoonist, Elaine goes nowhere with her confusions but learns that the cartoonist has fallen hopelessly in love, with her lovely ideas.

What was most interesting and conclusive about all of this was that in mid-July 2012, The New Yorker finally published a caricature sort of a performance of Elaine’s ideas in print, asking readers to caption it. I liked how the magazine just got up one day and randomly decided to pick up where it last left off – inspiring Elaine enough to draw out the cartoonist inside of her and hopefully create something absolutely remarkable.


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