Celebrating Patriotism

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The Magna Carta and it’s widespread influence rages on!

Merdeka Day is a day that is synonymous with patriotism everywhere in Malaysia because it is a time that you must leave everything behind and do nothing but take part in festivities nationally.

Malaysia shares a deep and rich history with Great Britain, because it was once upon a time colonized by Britain. The island of Labuan (today it forms a part of Malaysia) was made the crown colony of the Straits Settlements, and the Malayan government is very acutely modelled on Westminster.

Magna Carta recently celebrated its 800th anniversary and it was a charter decided upon by King John of England at Runnymede on June 15, 1215. Written by the Archbishop of Canterbury to create lasting peace inbetween the King, who was not very well-liked, and some rebellious barons, the charter stated that it was going to protect rights of the church, and safeguard barons from illegal imprisonment and supply them with justice right away.

It further promised to set limitations to feudal payments to the British Crown, and it was supoosed to be put into practice with the help of service from twenty-five barons. However, the two opposing parties chose to not abide by their commitments and the charter was invalidated by Pope Innocent III and that eventually gave birth to the First Baron’s War. We are paying a tribute to what the Charter is all about, in this edition, and celebrating it’s amazing status as a modern-day icon.


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