BBC Proms 2015: the Official Guide

This is the official guide to the Proms, featuring an amazing selection of performers, new music and Proms Extra events. The guide is comprehensive with full listings for each of the concerts and events – from time to broadcast information, the book helps you to celebrate the BBC Proms in style for it’s 120th year anniversary. It is the world’s most prominent and ancient classical music festival and hosts more than 80 concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and Cadogan Hall, from some of the biggest artists and orchestras from across the United Kingdom and around the world.

A Dictionary of Tolkien

The dictionary is made up of an alphabet listing that is alphabetical and explores the creatures, plants, events and places that compose strange and beautiful lands. Consider this as an important accessory to Tolkien’s works and it is a must have for anyone who wants to know more about the infamous magical world that captures everyone’s imagination.

Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2016

The annual edition of the bestselling book on all media corners, notes on how to write, and how to get your book published, how to get your foot through the door and navigate through challenging tasks of finding the right literary agent, for example David Higham Associates and Conville & Walsh is back! Celebrating it’s 109th year as a book it is a must-have for writers in newspapers, magazines, scripts, and for writers interested in ideas on how to submit plays, poetry, non-fiction and all kinds of fiction.


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