Iconic Modern Structures


The Royal Institute of British Architects made RIBApix and it is a rare and special architectural marvel. RIBApix holds in it’s possession a historic congregation of images, that for the very first time has become digitally accessible to the general public. The 16th Century drawings of Andrea Palladio, Sir Christopher Wren’s plans, Erno Goldfinger, Denys Lasdun and Edwin Lutyens sketches are all part of the institute.

Thousands of years of the world’s built heritage can be explored with a wide array of images, from ancient monuments to seaside huts. The breadth of the historical archives is inclusive of beautiful shots of private residences and modern hotels. Both architectural history and social documentation interplay together for a mix of construction photography, decorative arts, interior design and topography.

Tetris Build

This architectural facade has become a multi-purpose public space in Rotterdam, with a fun approach to design. A futuristic edition of Tetris game has been artistically represented, with the help of glass piles upon glass to recreate a massive style of carefully adjusted ‘units’. Sustainable and innovative, the cubes can actually be readjusted according to the mood of the building’s design.

Buffalo Bayou

An abandoned waterway has been rejuvenated as a public space filled with warmth. The dotted structures in the scene is supposed to be a concrete extension of the natural surroundings, and you can see how the shaded areas can shield visitors from the Houston sun. Natural wood, repurposed steel and sustainable fly-ash concrete, recreates the sense of togetherness and flow across the enormous 160 acre space, filled with recreational zones, ecosystem restoration and flood management systems.

Landing Soon

Doha’s International Airport can be considered to be a truly mesmerizing gift to the city. Architecturally it is innovative and the terminal complex is also the richest. The space houses 30million passengers every year and has 41 unrestricted gates of contact. The gates are more minute than ever before because of efficient systems so the complex must adapt to plenty of passenger movement. Acres of glass roof support the structure in a breathtaking manner and the love for luxury does not just stop there is a gold-plate coffee bar, a spa and swimming pool.

In the eye of the beholder

De Bakermat Plaza is Holland’s ambitious idea of comical architectural designs. A group of coloured towers, each with a seperate height, gives the idea of a detached family house but it all gets so very crowded.


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